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1-on-1 Tutoring Packages

$999.00 USD

At Bear Suit Prep, we think you deserve an instructor with over a decade of experience who has helped thousands of different students with different needs achieve standardized test success. Most test prep programs will stick you in a class with students who may learn in a way that is not optimal for you, at a level different from yours, with a teacher who sticks blindly to a pre-ordained curriculum. Here, you will be working directly with Ryan Jacobs, our founder, using official SAT® preparation materials. We also believe that 2 months of preparation is enough to help you learn what you need to learn. That's why we'll book you at the same time for 9 weeks straight, using 1 of those weeks as a skip week in case you get sick or you need to plan around a vacation or event. After that, if you really want to push yourself, we'll offer you an additional 2 or 4 sessions, but then we need to release you to make room for new students! No endless test prep money pits here; we believe in making an impact from the beginning, then sending you along to bigger and better things - like college!

Tutoring takes place at Hanahaus, a public shared workspace in downtown Palo Alto, or online via Zoom.

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